My first official post

So Internet,

it has officially started. I posted my first translation. The Chapter/Episode 14 of the webtoon/manhwa The Queen’s Season by BOBOKUN is out. For those who are wondering where the link is, please check my tumblr . It is only there where I will be releasing the translations.

Very briefly declaration, I will be not releasing the scanlations, ONLY the translation in form of dialogs. Since ALL chapters are FREELY available at Foxtoon. So my main idea was to open two separate windows next to each other. I am doing it like this since a lot of scanlationĀ  groups are getting complain to by those websites and authors. So basically it’s to avoid all this trouble. Furthermore, I’m using several translation websites (since I can’t speak korean) to translate the webtoon. So please forgive me if sometimes the dialog, doesn’t make any sense (feel free to correct me). Additionally excuse also my mediocre english.

I hope I see all at tumblr


Small side project

Hey Internet,

I will start a tiny project. To sum it up, I will be translation the Webtoon ” The Queen’s Season ” by BOBOKUN published in Foxtoon Website. For further infos please visit my Tumblr, since I will mainly post it there.

See you at my Tumblr

First blog post

This is your very first post.

To begin, I just wanted to start this blog page. But currently I have literally almost no free time, because of my university life. At the moment, I have three laboratories practicals and I need to write the annoying reports, which I’mĀ  currently quite late to submitted.

So at the moment, I just want to greet everybody to my future posts.